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The Chronicles Of Strength Inner Circle

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ANNOUNCING: The World’s Brawniest, Brainiest,
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With only a few exceptions, all writings on fitness today are run by those who lack—either congenitally or hereditarily—the capacity for anything that can be properly described as rational thought. That is, they are either wholly incapable of expressing any sort of intellectual decency—or they simply live in a perpetual state of denial to the known facts.

Not to mention, they’re all written, chiefly, by fellows and ma’ams wholly unable to write. This is to say that they are not only unable to produce sense, but they are equally unable to express their insensibilities sensibly.

Not to mention, they’re all written, chiefly, by fellows and ma’ams who have no business writing in the fitness business to begin with— That is, they’re published on the backs of pot-bellied porkers—Namely, the prototypical, hypocritical fatso trainers of the YMCA who, on a whim, thought it’d be fun to start a blog and disseminate their idiocy to the masses—to helicopter drop stupidity like an atom bomb.

What Makes The Inner Circle Different? Better?

I wish I could tell you that inside Inner Circle you will find something new and ground-breaking. But I’m no great revolutionary. Not anymore.

In fact, I believe that everything that could ever be known on how to live a strong and healthy life is already known. I believe that nothing worthwhile has come about in the world of general fitness since the 1960’s, and I’ll bet five dollars, but no more, that nothing worthwhile ever again will.

Any distinct contributions made since then and henceforth will amount to nothing more than a few sprinkles of oregano on an already tasty pizza pie (not Paleo).

The peskiest problem today, as I see it, is not a shortage, but a preponderance of information. And in this newsletter, I’ll surely add to that accretion. But I’ll also do you a far greater service—one that is admittedly filthy, but necessary.

That is, I’ll sift the shit out of the rat race. And I’ll do so unabashedly, and unapologetically. I’ll do this because I can. And I’ll do this because I am, perhaps, the only one who can.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m somewhat unrefined, and from time to time, mildly ill-mannered (I’ve offended someone already, no doubt). I don’t appeal to the general idiocy of the masses—nor do I solicit their patronage.

The Inner Circle, and the Inner Circle Newsletter, you will find, is marked by a witty haughtiness, but driven by a pounding disdain. That is, a thorough distaste for the quacks and charlatans abounding in the fitness industry. I will cut their balderdash down at the knees—then lop off the head. It will be swift. And it will be without mercy.

Why I Created the Inner Circle

This time around, I’m taking the gloves off, holding no punches back—and to round out the boxing clichés, let me say that this will be pound for pound the best source of strength, health, and wellness information ever delivered anywhere.

This, in short, is why I’m doing this. I want to give you something more. Something more than what I’m able to do in the digital domain. The interwebs have treated me well, but they haven’t allowed me to fully express myself—to give you everything that I’m capable of giving you. There is too much noise. Too much clutter. Too much garbage. It’s too open a forum—and for reasons I simply cannot disclose—I’m simply not able to disclose all that I wish to disclose.

The Inner Circle will be different. Uncensored, if you will: Outspoken and forthright; at times downright detestable and at other times quite lovely. Furthermore, the content will be 100% exclusive; meaning you won’t find the workouts, the recipes, or my advice anywwere else but in this newsletter.

It will be all things. All things, that is, but easy. And so I must now caution you that the Inner Circle and the Inner Circle Newsletter is only for those who thoroughly enjoy a hard and hardy challenge—it’s for those who wish to profit mentally, as well as physically.

I say this because I’m of the stern belief that if literature doesn’t challenge you mentally then it isn’t worth reading, and if a fitness program doesn’t challenge you physically then it isn’t worth following.

It’s all very well to read trash, for anybody can gain something, I suppose, from even the most idiotically written and imprudently designed exercise program—that is, if they’ve been following no exercise program at all. But just because you may find nickel in the bathroom trash bin, doesn’t mean it’s worth searching through in the first place.

Conventional wisdom—if I may presume to make such a claim—is an oxymoron of the most treacherous sorts; which is precisely why I refuse to subscribe to anything that can even be in the least bit described as conventional, conformist, or square. This is yet another reason I’ve created the Chronicles of Strength Inner Circle.

Now, it’s time for me to shake the system up, turn the ship around, and mix metaphors. Hell, I’m breaking all the rules.

How to Know If The Inner Circle Is For You

Ok, so the Inner Circle may be for you, or it may not be for you. All I can do is help you set some reasonable expectations. Then surpass them.

There are a handful of fundamental principles (mostly all of them ignored by conventional wisdom) that I have accepted as elementary truths throughout my tenure in strength and health. They have shaped me—both figuratively and literally; and if you accept these to be true, as I have, then you will profit from being a member—rapidly, immensely, sustainably. If you do not, then the Inner Circle probably isn’t for you—at least not yet, anyways.

If you’ll permit me, I’d like to briefly trot these principles out, so that you know exactly what to expect when you subscribe to the Chronicles of Strength Inner Circle.

First and foremost, I believe that the most basic and appropriate function of exercise should be to condition someone for something other than exercise. Whether that something is a sport or not is of small significance. Exercise is, and should remain, a means (a method) to an end (a goal), but this is a detail that many conventional fitness enthusiasts forget, as many have taken the means (exercise) and made it an ends (a sport or competition). This is a dangerous enterprise.

Turn exercise into a competitive sport and you’ve plowed fertile grounds for grievous bodily harm. Quality is swapped for quantity and spines are smashed in brainless ceremony.

I believe that exercise should make us better at all things—at all times and everywhere. Anything else simply won’t do.

And if you too believe this simple truth, then my newsletter is for you. The exercises, the progressions, and the programs found inside each issue of the Inner Circle Newsletter will indeed make you better at all things—at all times and everywhere. This I promise you.

Secondarily, I believe that exercise is best served like tapas, in small to moderate doses, which is to say just enough to get the job done and not a smidgeon more. But this detail is either forgotten or paid no attention to by most of the conventionalist, as evidenced by the number of people who spend hours in the gym trudging on treadmills and spinning on bicycles. Practices such as these, that create a chronic state of stress on the body, are ill-suited for sustainable bodily profits, not to mention wholly ineffective for long term weight loss.

If you too believe this simple truth, then the Inner Circle is for you. I will never waste your time…

Thirdly, I believe that exercise should promote beautiful movement and stimulate a positive hormonal response, as it is not only true that to trudge on the treadmill (always an easy target) is to commit biomechanical treason, but it is quite equally true that to crush yourself day in and day out lifting weights is to commit biological treason. One promotes a dysfunctional movement pattern (gait) and the other a negative long-term hormonal response (overtraining). But this, too, is a detail that has managed to tiptoe past the sights of the conventionalist.

I know these things because I’ve been to these places. I’ve been both dysfunctional and over-trained, and it is a dark, hollow, and cold place to be.

But I’ve also seen the light, and since followed it directly to the promise land where I now maintain—with minimal effort—a muscly frame, beautiful movement, and sub 8% body fat. I’m happy 98% of the time, and never constipated.

I hope this excites you, because when you marry beautiful movement with beautiful food you get, inevitably, a beautiful body. And with the Inner Circle, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

This just so happens to also be in perfect order with the cosmos, as our Grand Designer, whatever or whomever that may be, never intended for us to be fat, frail, or stuffed up. We were designed to be buoyant, strong, hard, and beautiful. So let us be just that. And let us accept no substitutes.

What Really Makes for a Good Exercise Program?

Now if there is one overarching principle to take away right now, my friends, let it be this: Any exercise (and nutrition) program will improve in direct proportion to the number of things that we can keep out of it that needn’t be there.

Another way to say it is that the secret to a good exercise program is to strip it down to the fewest possible parts—the fundamentals, if you will. And leave it at that.

And if you too believe this simple truth, then the Inner Circle is for you, because I’ll show you how to strip it all down and throw it all away. I’ll show you how maximum results are had with minimum effort.

Who Qualifies For The Inner Circle?

But if you’re looking for a coloring book, this isn’t it. This newsletter, I’m afraid, is for players only—that is, for those with big eyes towards enlightenment and a voracious appetite for physical excellence—that is, for those who wish to become physically distinguished and intellectually distinguishing.

And if you’re looking for the easy button, look elsewhere. The Inner Circle, I’m afraid, is for grownups only—that is, those who are willing to do what I say, do it without hesitation, and preferably do it with gusto. The return on your efforts, I assure you, will be colossal—but there will be efforts. I can take the guess work out—this I will do—but I cannot remove the hard work.

Don’t Dawdle or Delay–This Incredible Offer Expires Very Soon!

As you will soon see, the price for the Inner Circle is fair—as fair as I can make it anyways, without running myself into bankruptcy court. But fair doesn’t mean cheap. Fair means that each month I provide you with more value than what you pay for. And value, as far as I see it, is helping you. And I do promise that the Inner Circle will help you far beyond the measly fee that you pay for it each.

However, all of what I’m doing isn’t exactly economical. And because of this, the price of the Inner Circle will soon rise. But for my loyal followers—for all of you who have supported me throughout the years—I’ve made the monthly subscription as affordable as I possibly can. But like I said, this offer is only for you—that is, my long time followers— and it will expire in two weeks’ time, so you must act fast!

Here’s The Deal:

The monthly subscription to the Chronicles of Strength Inner Circle and Inner Circle Wewsletter is just $19.95. That’s tremendously less than what you’d ever pay for a decent monthly gym membership (which is largely worthless unless you know what you’re doing anyways).

But even more importantly, the monthly subscription price is quite literally 2% of what you’d pay to have me as your personal trainer each month—which is in effect what you’re getting with this newsletter—that is, me as your personal trainer—delivered to your emailbox, each and every month.

A Special One-Time Offer
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You have all supported me throughout the years and now I wish to give something back. For a limited time only–and I mean a really limited time only–I am making the Gold Inner Circle Package available to all Chronicles of Strength followers at the Silver Package price. Furthermore, you will be locked in at the Silver Package price for as long as you remain a subscriber.

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Look, I understand that there are concerns about making a monthly financial commitment, but I assure you that with my newsletter there is no pressure whatsoever to stick around. You’re going to love my newsletter, and you’re going to feel as if you are greatly underpaying for the content contained within–of that I have no doubts. But if for any reason you need to cancel, you may do so at any time. No hassle. No hard feelings. I promise.

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